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Breed Size Chart

This chart is supplied as a GENERAL GUIDELINE, not an accurate sizing system for every dog. Often sizes vary within the same breed.


Breed (A—H) Suggested Size Breed (H—Y) Suggested Size
*This breed typically wears one of these sizes, or sometimes a combination of two sizes. Please measure your dog for accurate fit.
Afghan Hound L Husky L
Airedale L Irish Setter L
Akita L - XL* Irish Wolfhound XXL - XXXL*
Alaskan Malamute L Italian Greyhound S
American Staffordshire Terrier L Jack Russell Terrier S - M*
Australian Cattle Dog M - L* Japanese Chin S
Australian Shepherd M - L* Labrador Retriever L - XL*
Basset Hound L - XL* Lhasa Apso S
Beagle S - M* Maltese XS - S*
Bernese Mountain Dog L - XXL* Mastiff XXL - XXXL*
Bichon Frise S - M* Miniature Pinscher S - M*
Blue Heeler M - L* Newfoundland XL - XXXL*
Border Collie M - L* Old English Sheepdog L - XL*
Boston Terrier S - M* Papillon XS
Boxer L - XL* Pekingese S
Brittany Spaniel M - L* Pembroke Welsh Corgi M
Bulldog L Pit Bull M - L*
Bull Terrier M - L* Pointer L
Cairn Terrier S - M* Pomeranian XS - S*
Cane Corse XL - XXXL* Poodle (Teacup) XS
Cardigan Welsh Corgi M- L* Poodle (Mini) S
Cavalier King Charles M Poodle (Standard) M - XL*
Chesapeake Bay Retriever L - XL* Pug S - M*
Chihuahua (Teacup) XS Rat Terrier S
Chihuahua S Rhodesian Ridgeback XL - XXL*
Chow L - XL* Rottweiler L - XL*
Cocker Spaniel M - L* Saluki L
Collie L - XL* Samoyed L
Corgi M - L* Schipperke S - M*
Dachshund (Mini) S Schnauzer (Mini) S - M*
Dachshund M Schnauzer (Standard) M
Dalmation L Schnauzer (Giant) XL - XXL*
Doberman Pinscher XL Scottish Terrier M
English Bulldog XL Sheltie S - M*
Flat Coated Retriever L - XL* Shiba Inu S
French Bulldog S - M* Shih Tzu S
German Shepherd L - XL* Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier M
German Shorthaired Pointer L Springer Spaniel L
Golden Retriever L - XL* Staffordshire Bull Terrier M - XL*
Gordon Setter L St. Bernard XL - XXXL*
Great Dane XXL - XXXL* Vizsla L
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog XL - XXL* Weimaraner L
Great Pyrenees XL - XXXL* West Highland White Terrier dS - M*
Greyhound L - XL* Wheaten Terrier M
Havanese S Whippet S - M*
Husky L Yorkie XS - S*