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Owner Testimonials

BooBoo regained traction and confidence with ToeGrips! 

Hi, we received the toe grips for BooBoo this morning and applied them right away. It took him a little while to get used to them, but he has been getting up by himself off and on all day and seems to have a lot more confidence maneuvering the slippery tile floor. Again, thank you so much, you are selling a great product!!

Best regards, Tomas & Petra & BooBoo

...ToeGrips have made a 100% difference!

My 11 year old toy rat terrier has worn these for over a year and they have made a 100 percent difference. All rooms in our house are carpeted except our kitchen and we previously had rugs in place for her to walk through the kitchen so she could go outside to go potty. We still have the rugs, but, now she can walk and is not afraid when we go to the vet as that facility also has tile. People ask over and over again if she just got her nails painted. She does have a problem with her hips and receives treatment so this has made it safe for her not to fall and get hurt.

—Z-Connie Donovan

Obie continues to improve.

I attribute this to the lack of slipping and falling inside the house, and on the deck, which has allowed her to heal sprained or damaged joints, tendons, and muscles. She is back to going deep into the yard to relieve herself which tells me she's not experiencing much if any pain while walking.

At the rate she was going, I really didn't expect Obie to make it through the winter. Just walking from the bedroom to the kitchen on carpet was a chore, not to mention a slick surface. At present I see no reason she won't be around for another summer. At 14 she's exceeded the expected life of a Basset mix so we've got our fingers crossed.

—Andy Ritch

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note.

I have had Sam my 14 year old rescue for 6 months now and have tried everything to keep this old boy from sliding on my wood laminate. I have so many rugs down you can't see the floor anymore. The toe grips are a small doggie miracle for this severely arthritic dog. Now that he is not sliding his back leg pain has decreased, he has much more strength in his hind legs at the end of the day, and he is clearly more comfortable. I can't thank you enough!

Sincerely, Marianne Gribbon

Sugar modeling his new #ToeGrips For anyone who has a senior dog who struggles with walking on wood or tile floors, these work great! No more slipping and sliding- just traction 🐾💚🐾 😁👍

—Lynn Monroe-Lewis‎

Trisket the Yorkie

Toe grips gives her the extra stability and support to allow her to confidently move wherever she wants to go.

I have a 4 year old yorkie named Triscuit. Though quite young she has always had special needs. Her ability to walk has recently worsened due to a luxating patella in now both her hind legs. Toe grips gives her the extra stability and support to allow her to confidently move wherever she wants to go. Previously she slid all over the hardwood and if she fell and hit her head too hard or just the wrong way she would seizure. Now we both feel more comfortable with her going anywhere and everywhere without fear of injury. Thank you for this genius idea!


Just under 24 hours of having the toegrips on and I must give a rave review.

Thanks for creating toe grips Dr. Buzby!! This is Brew, he is a 14 year 9 month old bichon x cavalier spaniel. We just received our order and put them on the second I got them in the door. So far so good. I will let you know how well they work for him after he's had them on longer than 1 minute. I was just so excited to have them that I had to post this right away...

Just under 24 hours of having the toegrips on and I must give a rave review. It really is amazing to see my boy get up off the floor on the first try! He has Cushings Disease which makes him run a bit warmer than the average dog. So he minds the heat a lot, causing him to want to shift around and find new cold spots on the laminate floor. I was skeptical about these at first, not personally knowing anyone that has tried them, but seeing nothing but good reviews, I was hopeful. Well, here I am gushing. He is no longer doing a Bambi on ice I really hope anyone on the fence about these reads this and goes and gets them sooner than later. I wish I had tried them sooner seeing just how good they work on my Brew. I would also like to say that the customer service from this company is amazing!!! Thank you Dr. Buzby and anyone else that helped to get this product in my home and on my dog. I will tell anyone that will listen to get these for their dog, and when my other dogs get old enough to need them, they will be getting them without a doubt! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

In the short amount of time she's been wearing them I see a huge difference! 

I just ordered my first set of Toe Grips on Tuesday night. Received them this afternoon and got them on in a few minutes time. My black lab, Haley is 14. She suffers from hip issues, slides around and among other things. In the short amount of time she's been wearing them I see a huge difference! Thanks for a great invention to make my baby more mobile and safe! Thanks!


Thank you Dr Buzby!! You have helped me get my boy to 14!! If it wasn't for your toe grips he would not be with us.

—Laurie Tierno

Murphy is doing so much better with his toe grips on our hardwood floors that he has turned into a party animal.

—Sharon Linderman Marriott

Thank you so much for creating these ingenious little "stoppers" my old man Red says, "thanks!" For now, he can climb the stairs again and sleep in the same room as his "pack"

—Shauna Temple

"Winnie—Before and After"

We lost our Boo on Tuesday. Your grips helped her quality for so long. This momma cannot thank you enough for that! Boo hated having her paws touched but after a few months of wearing the Toe Grips even she realized the difference when they were off. It was the only time she'd let us touch her paws with out trying to run away.

—Amanda Nelson-Johnson

My Miniture Schnauzer Cassie is once again able to walk on our wood floors without falling and she doesn't even know that they are there. Thank you Dr. Buzby for your ToeGrips!!!

—Dawn Grace

When we got the toe grips, we clapped our hands with happiness at how well they worked on our polished floors.

Last September our 3 y/o Aussie Dog, Banjo had a spinal accident. The pain he endured for those long and confusing hours traveling from vet to specialist makes me cry when I think about it. He underwent emergency surgery and when he came home a week later, he wasn't the same dog we knew, just a traumatized shadow living in a body filled with pain. Those were long, terrible days and we were so afraid of losing him as the vet bill was astronomical and we knew couldn't go through it again. The operation came with no guarantee. Gone was the fun loving, happy and bouncy guy we used to know. He had to be carried to eat, go to the toilet, to bed and was confined in a baby play pen for six weeks. He was depressed and hated it, but to make it easier we let his much older sister Rosy sit with him for company or a human would get in there with him. Finally, after what seemed like years, he got better little by little. He sat outside in the sun having sun baths but it was hard for him to remember to take it easy - there are lots of ups and downs with a special needs dog. He could only walk if we held the base of his tail and wobbled every where. He never complained. Six months on and he is almost the same dog. He can no longer jump or run like he used to but he does try (usually ending in a spectacular fail with me screaming like a crazy woman "Noooo Banjo"). He's getting used to his limitations. Because he couldn't walk on the floors, I asked around on FB for people to donate their yoga mats and we made colourful yoga mat pathways all over the house. But they didn't entirely do the trick. We found Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs because our vet recommended them. I rang from Australia and the lady I spoke to was our beautiful angel and sent them to me immediately. When we got the toe grips, we clapped our hands with happiness at how well they worked on our polished floors. He is a different dog with them on, and when they come off due to him having a bath / toe nail clip, he refuses to walk anywhere in the house without them - they are his total safety net guaranteed. Ironically, the morning of Banjo's accident I had a quiet word to him, thanking him for his love and to assure him that no matter what, we would always love him and be there for him because he was the best dog we could have hoped for. Banjo is my best friend, and even though he can't speak to me, he gets every word I say. The amount of love, laughs and hilarious fun he brings to me and my family is astounding and we are so happy to call him ours. The photo of Banjo on the blue blanket is the day he came home from the SASH Animal Hospital in Sydney - you can see the pain in his eyes. Thanks Dr Buzby, from all of us. You changed ours and his life for the better.

—Emma Garrett

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Timber!

The change was instant. At 13, we were prepared to just accept the fact that he is getting older and he just cannot walk like he used to. We noticed he was having trouble just 2 weeks ago, and literally the next day I saw your ad on facebook. It was as if God sent you to help Timber. And you did! Timber says ... THANK YOU!

—Kathy Martinez

Skylar has much better grip on floors!

The toe grips have arrived! We put them on tonight — super easy ‘installation’ and Skylar seems to like them - or at least she’s not bothered in the slightest by them and doesn't chew at them like I thought she might. And much better grip on floors! Light years ahead of dog boots! My 10 year old daughter made this video of them in action. We struggled to get a great BEFORE video but trust me, she slipped like nobody’s business. I was reluctant to get her really slipping as I was worried about her hurting herself again - she originally tore her CCL 5 weeks ago by slipping on our floors - and she's a frisbee champion so super athletic but our super slippery floors were / are her nemesis. Anyway, here is the video:


The toegrips helped Zoe so much in her final months.

She was having such a hard time getting around. She was blind and also diabetic and was losing strength in her legs. I would love for you to use her photos.

—Phyllis E Goldstein-Haskins

"Cali the Therapy Dog"

A two-year testimonial!

Wrigley the dog

Let me start by saying this product will help keep your pets safe.

We have a senior dog (now 14ish) and hardwood floors. Several years ago in Wrigley’s (then 12ish) enthusiasm for someone at our front door he dashed that way and he slipped his back legs splaying out. He was in obvious pain and ended up having caused a hairline fracture in his sacrum. Older dog, older bones. We were extremely grateful to discover Toe Grips as part of our solution. It allowed Wrig to have traction on whatever surface he was on but especially smooth and potentially slippery ones. We have kept the toe grips on him ever since. He is “Mr. Toe Grips” and will be for the rest of his life.

—Karen Kellow


Just a quick note to let you know how amazing these things are. We got our package yesterday, and the difference they make is everything I'd hoped for. Our 12-1/2 year old Golden Retriever was miserable after we changed the bulk of our flooring to laminate in November. Five minutes after those little green miracles went on he was trotting around the house again. Thanks for a fantastic product!


"If I could be a saleswoman for your company, I would travel the world singing of the greatness of this product."

I wanted to thank you for such an amazing product. I have a 13 year old rottie who has cancer that we are trying to make comfortable until he tells us it's his time. He was falling 5-6 times a day on our hardwoods, and it was seriously breaking my heart. I work at an animal hospital and had another client recommend your product that was offered to her through her holistic acupuncturist. I thought, "well this couldn't hurt to try" I'm so glad that I did. He is a different dog now. He is so confident, and knows he's not going to fall. He actually comes running now to get his breakfast and dinner, and greets me at the door with his bone every night when i come home from work. He hasn't done that in months, and this was the best money i've ever spent. I was so happy with your product, that I've convinced my veterinarians to start providing them here at our practice. They came in the mail today, and we put them on 4 dogs in one day. If i could be a saleswoman for your company, i would travel the world singing of the greatness of this product. Thank you so much for these wonderful grips and giving my chubby mcbutterpants his life back!!!

—Mandy Hemmings


"Thank you for a great product that deals with the issues of dog nail slippage in a practical and cost effective manner…"

Paddy was diagnosed with Fragmented Coronoid Process at 11 months old and our vet at the time thought that he would probably only make it to 3 years old before the resulting arthritis would necessitate him being put down. However, we found the simply amazing Noel Fitzpatrick ( http://www.fitzpatrickreferrals.co.uk/ ) and although Paddy had to undergo surgery and a lengthy recuperation, he has made it to 10 years old with few complications.

Recently though, Paddy had been increasingly struggling with the oak floors and stairs of our converted chapel and had become very resistant to attempting the stairs at all….a real issue as our garden is accessed from the stair landing. I came across your website through Google and reckoned there was nothing to be lost and possibly much to be gained from giving Toegrips a go. The results within just a few days were astounding! Paddy is now completely reassured and happy to canter up and down the stairs at will, as well as chase his treat ball around on the wooden floors. It really has been a transformation and I would happily recommend Toegrips without reservation.

I am however glad I followed the measurement process as it turns out that Paddy has some nails that are Large and some suitable for Extra Large Toegrips and I would recommend that people do the same.

Thank you for a great product that deals with the issues of dog nail slippage in a practical and cost effective manner…we are sure we can look forward to paddy’s remaining years being much enhanced as a result.

Regards, Graeme Phillips Wadhurst, UK

"I was able to pick up 5 throw rugs!"

Ginger is almost 13 years old. She's doing so much better with the toe grips. I was able to pick up 5 throw rugs! The throw rugs work but are constantly getting pulls from her nails. Fact is, she pushes the rugs out of her way because she prefers the cool floor to lay on. Thank you so much for such a great product!

—Amy Kobb

"The ToeGrips have made all the difference in the world!"

I wanted to tell you how much of a difference ToeGrips have made for our two 13-year-old dogs. Slater, our Catahoula Leopard dog, had surgery on both knees when he was a young boy, and as he got older, walking became more and more of a chore. He has lost most of the strength in his back legs, and so has a very difficult time walking on surfaces that he can’t get a grip on. Our vet, Dr. Donna Shipley, of The Animal Medical Center of Labelle” recommended I try Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips shortly after she learned about them, and I ordered them the same day. They arrived only a few days later, and Slater has worn them ever since (I believe that’s going on two years). The ToeGrips have made all the difference in the world! He can now walk across linoleum, hardwood floors . . . anything! And now that he’s used to them, he patiently waits while I tend to them, making sure they’re positioned correctly, and replacing those that have become too worn to stay on. With so much success for Slater, we quickly decided to use them on our 13-year-old Black Mouth Cur as well. He has enjoyed the same benefits as Slater. Wherever we go, people seem to notice the ToeGrips. One man even commented, “I like his green toenails!” As soon as someone mentions them, I tell them about Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips, and hope they take my success story to heart and try them for their own senior dogs.

—Debbie Kapp-Beasley

"Frank and Gus"

"Your ToeGrips work!"

We just celebrated Izmo, our Pomeranian, his 18th birthday yesterday.

We are so blessed to have him around for this long. It was sad to see his health deteriorates as he grows older but we understand that's just the nature of life as you age. We are growing old together.

Our home is mostly wood flooring. Just couple of years ago we have started to put throw rugs all over our house to make it easier for Izmo to walk on. But when Izmo turned 16, we started to notice that he couldn't even walk very well on carpeted area. He was slipping and it was getting worst as time went by.

Somehow, I have stumbled on your website recently and was skeptical about your products. Well, let just say Izmo is lucky that his mom didn't let her skepticism got a hold of her. Your ToeGrips work! Izmo is walking much better now, not slipping as often anymore.

We want to say THANK YOU!

—Wendy C.

"Meant to send this pic sooner-huge difference for my 17 1/2 year old Doxie!!!!"

She can actually walk across our wood floors now!!! I cannot recommend these enough for dogs that slip on the floors. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. And you can feel free to quote me anytime anywhere!!!!!

"I know you hear it all the time, but toegrips are completely life changing for my 12 YO Pug."

He is visually impaired, and we moved in to a new house with all hardwood. He would move off the area rugs and slip and slide, and then eventually just stand there paralyzed. I ordered the toe grips over socks or boots as he hates stuff on his paws. The change was instant. He walked on the HW floors like carpet. He even gave me a look of thanks that would melt your heart. I can't thank you enough for inventing the toe grip.

Thanks! Mike and Zig

"Thank you!"

I have been meaning to write a thank you note to your company. Dr Buzby's ToeGrips have greatly improved my dog's ability to walk on wood/ceramic floors at age 15. And after talking to multiple vets who basically said that there wasn't much you could do about this problem (and trying socks and booties), I appreciate that you took a unique approach to the problem and one that actually works! I am recommending ToeGrips all the time to others with the same issue.

—Thanks, Maura

"Kim and Hope"

"We received the ToeGrips last night and already he's SO much happier!"

Chewbacca the pug

We moved into our first home a month ago and since then Chewbacca slid from carpet to carpet falling the whole way. He's 12 years old with knee problems and starting to have neurological problems with his back legs. He spent the last week depressed sitting on one piece of carpet for hours staring into space. We received the ToeGrips last night and already he's SO much happier! Thank you so much!!!!! I was heartbroken watching him hide out on one spot!...His legs have been getting worse as he gets older and now he has his spunk back!

—Michelle and Chewbacca

Before ToeGrips, Storm had trouble gaining traction on tile floors.

I have a 14 yr old border collie that has trouble standing up and slips on the tile floor, it has been breaking my heart to see him struggle. He is quite independent and gets grumpy when I help him. After reading [an] article I immediately ordered the toe grips and he has been wearing them for about 3 weeks now ( they have not fallen off) and he has much better traction. Thank you for a great product that really makes a difference for our senior dogs! Thank you again for giving my dog his legs back:)

—April Bell-Hargraves

"They have been on for over a week and they are amazing!"

Only one came off but we put it back on. I just want to keep extras around in case I need to replace them. I have already told several of my friends about the Toe Grips. My bosses dog is already walking better with them. He had a terrible limp and we thought it was severe arthritis but since I put them on, you can hardly tell he’s limping. I think he was having muscular issues due to trying to keep from slipping around on the hardwood floors! Amazing!!! Really!

—Ivet M. Solis

"What a difference the ToeGrips have made! Thank you!!!"

Received my ToeGrips for my 13 year old pug today! I am so excited to put them on. I have hard wood floors throughout my house and he is starting to slip and slide with weak hind quarters. I will have to do them before bed while he is sleepy so he won't put up much of a fight. Can't wait to see how they work!

What a difference the ToeGrips have made! Thank you!!!

—Keri Kline and Rocky

ToeGrips help Yankee to get up off the floor easier!

We got Yankees Toegrips Friday and last night we did some nail and foot work before putting them on. She was such a good girl as always --- thinks she understands I am trying to make life a lot easier. This morning I heard her playing with her ball and went to watch and she was having no sliding issues and got up and down off the floor easily. She hasn't seemed to be bothered by them in the least. The beach house later this month will be my big test --- that is where she slipped and tore her ACL last year. She's got lots of hair but you can see the green tips Thanks from the two of us!

—D.K. Pilcher

"No words can describe the instant change in her [Dorothy]."

Before: Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your help with our newly adopted girl Dorothy. She is an amazing beauty, approx. 10 years old, blind in one eye, severe arthritis and has seizures. When pulled from the high kill shelter here she weighed only 68 lbs. Her foster home has gotten her up to almost 80 before she became ours last week. She has severe muscle atrophy in rear legs which they think came from years of abuse or being hit by a vehicle and not being cared for...both beyond me being able to comprehend. When we sent in application to adopt her the rescue group was shocked when they told us no-one has ever wanted her because of her health issues. I look at it like this..I'm 48 years old, I've had health issues come about as I age and my husband still keeps me around. How could someone not give her the love and attention she deserves, a place to call home. She may live 6 months and she may live 6 years but I intend to make whatever time she has left the best she's ever known. I've attached a photo for you to see what a beauty she is and you'll understand why my heart melted for her. I will keep you updated on how the toegrips work for her. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! Ps..she probably never knew the warmth of being a totally inside dog..but as you can see she quickly found her favorite place in my home... in front of the electric fireplace..she will just sit there and stare at it until I turn it on every morning after we go outside to potty:-D

After: I received Dorothys grips in the mail today. No words can describe the instant change in her. This is totally amazing. Bless her heart, she never just stood around and hung out with the family..she would lay most of the time because of the weakness in her rear legs. I put these on her at 6:15 , it is now 8:00 and she has yet to lay down. She is running through the house with our two beagles like she got a new lease on life. It's somewhat funny because they knew she couldn't turn quick and catch them when they would play before...that all changed in a matter of minutes:-D. I cannot express our sincere thanks for making such an amazing product!! I have already called the rescue group we adopted her from to tell her foster parents and they were so excited too and are going to look into the grips for other dogs they know that these could help. Thank you for the amazing service and such an amazing gift we were able to bless Dorothy with!! Today gave her back some of her independence and you can see in her face and stride just how proud she is. I will take some videos this weekend and send to you.

I am still so amazed every single day at the changes in her. When she first came to us even though she was always very kind and gentle you could tell she was very nervous a lot. This may have been from the constant falling...and poor baby, when she would fall she would get this look in her eyes..almost like she was embarrassed. it was so sad. When we would take her outside she would do her business and immediately want to come back in...she just did not seem like she was comfortable being outside. Now that she has stopped falling ( we went from falling two or three times every time she tried to get up.. and constantly when playing with the other dogs....dozens of times a day easy. Now she may fall once every few days and it's usually really early in the morning when still so stiff from sleeping..it's such drastic changes since getting her Toegrips!! Her back legs no longer tremble when she stands ..which this happened even on non slippery surfaces before the toe grips. It's so awesome!! Anyway, as you can see from the attached picture she's definitely more relaxed and confident and wants to just be a normal dog again!!! We will always be your greatest supporters!! Dorothy sends big hugs and kisses to you and Dr. Buzby Pam!! Much love to all of you and many thanks!!"

—Sharon and Jack Higginbotham (and Dorothy)

Paddington regained confidence and mobility!


If you would have walked into my home several months ago, you would have thought it was a showroom for throw rugs! My dog, Paddington Bear, a 110 pound South Russian Sheepdog, had great difficulty walking on the hardwood floors due to advanced arthritis in his back legs. Before the Toe Grips came to my attention while searching the internet for solutions, he would often "wipe-out" while going from room to room. I tried everything else my vet suggested, so why not give this a shot? The information and short tutorial videos on the website were exactly what I needed to get started! I measured the circumference of his nails, then placed the order. Within days, I received the Toe Grips and proceeded to apply them with the guidance of another website video. All very simple!! I started picking up the throw rugs, one by one. He could easily navigate the hardwood floors without slipping! He regained confidence and mobility!! Toe Grips are a simple, inexpensive solution that have given my loved pet a much better quality of life. Toe Grips, Paddington and I thank you!!!!!

—Joanne Rowe

I must thank you for my baby's happiness.

I just bought Toegrips for my 14.5 yr old JRT who has cruciate ligament rupture and hip displace on his left hip only discovered lstely. I saw a different boy once the Toegrips were put on. He ran happily on our smooth tiled and vinyl floor.. He now walks confidently without wobbling and tremors from his weak hind left leg. Medical attention will continue to rectify this problem. I must thank you for my baby's happiness.

—G Chan, Singapore

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful product the toe grips are."

I have a 13 year old border collie named Sharni who has arthritis in her hips and struggles on our tiled floor especially first thing in the morning. After being suggested the toe grips from our wonderful vet Clare in Willunga South Australia. I purchased them online and was so amazed the difference it has made for her, there has been no slipping are scrambling when she walks on the tiles. Thank you for designing such a wonderful product for the oldies.

Regards Sam and Matt South Australia, Australia

"A glued ToeGrips testimonial…"

Hi All! Frieda is doing much better with her ToeGrips! She's recovering from a CCL tear and may be beginning to have some neurological issues with her hind legs. She's had some falls and strained her injured leg on a tile floor. We'd tried boots, but they're a lot of trouble and she'd still slip when her foot tips up on the toe or top since the boots only offer traction on the bottom. Dr. Julie has been such a help! Frieda's middle toenails on the foot that scuffs are very short, so we had to use SuperGlue to keep the ToeGrips on. It's easy to do and so far so good. So happy that my good dog is more comfortable and safe.

—Rebecca Highlander

"If your dog has a hard time getting up and down, especially on hardwood or tile, you need to check out Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs."

Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs sent us samples to try out on some of our more arthritic dogs, but before sending them off to our foster homes or recommending them to our supporters, I tried them out on my own senior dog, Payton. And I have to say, this is my favorite product for senior dogs pretty much of all time! She's modeling her green ones here for the holidays!

Payton is an almost 12-year-old lab mix who has very arthritic hips. We have hardwood floors and tile in our downstairs, and she has a hard time getting up and down on them. She also HATES having her nails trimmed, so I knew getting the ToeGrips on would be a challenge. It took a good 20 minutes with dental floss in one hand, a marker in the other, just to measure her toes to see what size ToeGrips she needed.

I gave her a day between measurement and application because of how much she hates her toes messed with. Armed with treats, ToeGrips, and a cup of water (you have to get the ToeGrips wet to slide them onto the toe nails), I set out to get her back feet done. Payton realized within 2 toes that she was NOT getting her toenails clipped, and relaxed a bit. Once that happened, I had her back feet decked out in about 5 minutes. I then called her over to the hard wood floors.

I asked her to lay down, which she hates to do, because she knows how hard it is to get up off the hardwood. But we had to see... It took two or three times of me asking her to come to me, but when she finally decided to get up, you could see the initial scramble of her hind end simply cease as she was able to grab the floor and boost herself up. I made her lie down and do it two more times, and by the third time, she popped up and began trotting through the downstairs, taking a tight turn into the kitchen where she grabbed a toy and trotted back through the hardwood floors! She was beaming with happiness! They worked!

Today Payton has had her ToeGrips on for about a week. They don't slip, fall off, or bother her. I check them daily to make sure they sit where they are supposed to on her nails. It took her about an hour total to get used to the feel of the back ones on the hardwood, which only showed up because her gait was different as she was able to grip the floors again. She didn't bat an eye at the front ToeGrips being added, and she didn't fight me on it because she realized right away what they were. I'm already beginning to see more strength in her hind end because she's using those muscles again to get up correctly. She's been trotting around the downstairs, and hopping and playing with her toys on hardwood floors - an activity that she long ago restricted to carpeting for her own comfort.

I am so grateful that this product exists. The quality of life for my arthritic old girl just improved greatly, and it is obvious how much happier Payton is now. We're now asking some of our foster homes to try them, and we're documenting the difference from before and after. We'll share that with you when it's done. We don't get anything for sharing this product with you - just the satisfaction of hopefully helping some more arthritic dogs out there!

—Dawn Kemper, Executive Director, Young at Heart Pet Rescue

"Day 2 of my 11 year old Golden Retriever (with arthritis) wearing his toe grips....Amazing! He is so confident on our hardwood flooring....Thank You!"

His paws need to be groomed, but he is wearing XL on both front and back paws….

—E.S. Brown

...nothing has really worked until today when his 'ToeGrips' arrived."

My dog Scooter has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and he's slowly declining. One of the problems we've encountered is his decreasing strength and increasing tendency to slip and fall on non-carpeted surfaces. I've tried a lot of different things to help, but nothing has really worked until today when his "ToeGrips" arrived. I put them on him and he's navigating the tile without falling - it's really pretty amazing. I am hopeful that they will increase Scoot's quality of life in the time we have left. As an aside, your customer service was awesome. Thanks so much!

—Karen Smith Hall

"What a wonderful product. Sadie would walk all the way around the kitchen hitting all the throw rugs. Now she jets through on the hard surface flooring."

In The Denver Dog household we have a 9 year old lab/german shorthair pointer mix named Sadie. All of the floors in our house are hardwood. Despite putting down many rugs in the house, she was slipping and would often stand still in fear of sliding on the floor.

We recently tried Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs on Sadie and are extremely pleased with the results! All you have to do is measure your dog's nails and then select the appropriate size of ToeGrips. Then all you have to do is slide them on over the nails. Application was not difficult at all. We have already noticed that she is sliding less on the floors and she has more traction now with ToeGrips.

Senior dogs and those with neurological issues will definitely benefit from Toegrips. We recommend checking them out!

"As soon as I put ToeGrips on him he was back to normal!"

My German Shepherd, Astro has hip dysplasia and recently started slipping on our wood floors. It broke my heart watching him repeatedly slip and fall. As soon as I put ToeGrips on him he was back to normal! I can't thank you enough for giving Astro the confidence he needed to walk again! I will be a repeated customer and have been spreading the word on your amazing product!

—Katie Bardis

"...he seems to be getting up and down on our hard floors with less difficulty…"

I just wanted to tell you that I received my order- and put the grips on my 13 yo arthritic Keeshond today.

He doesn't bother with them- good thing number 1, plus, he seems to be getting up and down on our hard floors with less difficulty - good thing number 2 !

—Susan Belser

"These have changed Teddi's life."

My 15-year-old Yorkie, Teddi, was constantly falling on our hardwood and tile floors. She would try to turn and fall on one hip or the other, and was so unstable she was extremely hesitant to move around. It was a constant concern, and I had to strategically place throw rugs all over the house to help her negotiate the surfaces.

I was fortunate to switch to a vet who advised me about ToeGrips. I had them put on at the vet's office. I can't tell you how grateful I am. These have changed Teddi's life. The first day she had them she walked all over the house when we got home.

She is totally confident in her ability to negotiate any flooring surface. It's made my old girl confident and happy.

Thank you so much.

—Josette Jones

"Trooper is no longer slipping and falling!"

Just applied the XXL Toe Tips on the back feet of my 12 1/2 yr. old Lab, Trooper and you would never know he has anything new done to him except he can now walk, sit and lie down easily without slipping or falling! This is such good medicine for Trooper and a concerned mother's heart, thank you!

— Judy Rogers

ToeGrips help dogs that struggle to rise from slick surfaces!

Close to a week after 13 y.o. Codie girl here has her fashionably coloured ToeGrips on (as you had estimated, she takes the orange XXL on the front paws and purple XL at the back).

She's definitely getting up on her feet much faster from a prone position and at first tries too, rather than multiple tries as she had done previously on my laminate and cement screed floors.

There's even a little jaunty spring to her steps now & she's walking faster.

Really glad to have found your product! Will be recommending to the other senior ones I know.

—Lisa Marie Tan

"Thanks for this great product."

We got our Toe Grips yesterday, and put them on. This morning our 14+ year old Sheltie hit the kitchen floor and had traction. I think it surprised him as much as it surprised us. They are staying on well, and work just as advertised. Thanks for this great product. I'm very grateful I can give my beloved dog this kind of support in his old age.

— Leslie Renaud Kuther

"Thank you! I will be singing your praises to our vets."

In just this one day it has made a huge difference for Rabadash on the floors here at home and the floors at my store where the dogs spend all day.


ToeGrips help an arthritic dog to stop sliding on hard floors!

We have a 13 year old Jack Russell she's chubby but, at her old age arthritis has caused her to slide on our Hardwood and tile floors. Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips seem to be aiding her in just 3 short days and she doesn't seem toe mind them.


"ToeGrips are simply life changing!"

Our golden retriever was falling every time he tried to stand up as well as slipping and falling down the stairs. Our vet recommended them as an alternative to a medication that would most likely not help the problem, since he is losing the feeling in his hind legs. We put them on and saw the change immediately, ToeGrips are simply life changing! Since Lucky has had them on, he has not fallen down once and is less hesitant to go up and down the stairs. Thank you, thank you!!!!

— Cher Bonhag- Conelli

"My thirteen year old Border Collie can stand up and move around a lot easier now that she is not slipping as frequently"

My 13 year old Border Collie has been having trouble sliding on our new laminate floors. She is still in fairly good shape for her age but could tell if something didn't change she could herself trying to scramble around. I have a friend who owns a business in town that told me of your ToeGrips. I decided to give them a try. I believe that Maggie is able to get up and move around the floors better with the aid of these ToeGrips. I do need to check them daily as it appears the front grips tend to move each day. The back ToeGrips appear to stay in place. We've been wearing them for two weeks and can see a noticable difference. At this point I do nt notice any wear to the ToeGrips.

I'll keep you posted, she has a birthday Thursday and this really one if the best gifts I could give her!

—K. Kettner

"A miracle! Amazing!"

I've known for years that the hind quarters of my 75 pound lab/shepherd mix would cause her life to end. Healthy and highly alert at 14, my heart was breaking as I watched her starting to loose traction and struggle to get up.

I researched online for solutions, talked to every dog person i know & eventually bought custom fit booties for Lyla. She hated them. We started acupuncture and laser therapy with the wonderful Dr. Lauren Whitley who recommended your product.

As the owner of a successful pet sitting business, I've known thousands of dogs and despite my wealth of 'dog knowledge,' I could not imagine toe grips actually working. Lyla is my heart dog & I'm willing to try anything and everything to improve her quality of life, so I ordered them.

A miracle! Amazing! Those little bits of rubber bought me more time with my sweet girl and I couldn't be happier. I'm telling everyone I know about your amazing product and I couldn't be more grateful. In fact, I just left a clients house after helping her put them on her very old dog. Same miraculous results! I stood there with tears welling in my eyes because this dog needs to hang around awhile longer since my client lost her life partner in a tragic accident last month. The toe grips will help.

With my most heartfelt thanks, Heather, Durham, NC

"I would highly recommend toe grips for anyone who has hard wood floors or any other surface their dog may slip on."

Jessie my 14 year old black lab has been wearing her toe grips for about 3 weeks. After initial placement she went crazy running and jumping around like she was a puppy again. Since then I have seen slow improvement with her. Prior to toe grips she was having a very difficult time sitting down and when she walked she would hardly place her back left leg on the floor. Currently it takes her about 1/2 the time to sit and she walks with all 4 paws on the floor.

Thanks you Dr Buzby for making Jessie's senior stage of life less painful.

—Jill Stephenson Simons

"My wife is ecstatic because now she is able to take up the countless rugs on our gorgeous floors"

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart regarding the invention of you Toegrips. I just received them in the mail today and made no bones about having them "installed" on our 9 year old Doberman, Luana. She has always had issues with ceramic,wooden or any other smooth surface for that matter and was known for pulling the "sprawling Bambi". This, while looking funny, had done a number on her hips over the years and have been the contributing factor in a number of vet bills. Being located in Canada, and noticing the shipping cost being as much as the product itself, I was hoping I made the right decision. I bought 3 pairs to ensure it was worth the shipping. My only regret is that I did not know about your product years ago. My wife is ecstatic because now she is able to take up the countless rugs on our gorgeous floors. Luana now has the confidence to move around freely and with a smile, literally, on her face.

Again, Thank You so much. I strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering from these issues.

Sincerely, Dwayne M. Mitchell, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Best doggie invention EVER!!!

Bantry is so much happier wearing his Toe Grips!

—P.S. Martin

With ToeGrips, Cocoa is able to get up from the slick floor without fear of slipping

"Mouse LOVES them and is back to being happy and confident in her daily routines"

I wanted to send an update on Mouse's toegrips... They're AWESOME! :)

We have had to adjust a little so it took me a while to get back to you. But I thought it might be good for you to have feedback concerning and older dog and making adjustments to get the maximum benefit from the grips. (In case you have people who get discouraged and give up on them.)

The first time I put them on they instantly gave Mouse traction and the stairs became child's play for her again. It was such a thrill to see her confident on the stairs and know that she wasn't going to have her feet slide out from under her halfway down the flight. Not to mention my hand appreciates no longer has to be gripped in her mouth for support!

Getting them on the first time was tougher than I thought it would be. She was squirmy, even though she likes her feet and toes massaged. I used the alcohol instead of the lubricant and my thumbnail actually became tender for a few days from working the grip onto each nail with the same small edge of my nail.

Mouse was really happy with her grips, but before 24 hours was over 3 of the grips had fallen off and a few were slipping too high on her nails. We are using 2 sizes and measured carefully, so I know the fit is accurate. We have been repairing our garage so Mouse has been lounging next to me during the days. She prefers to lay in the sandy dirt where it is cool, so over the course of the next 2 days her grips were very dusty and eventually she got to a point where 4 of them had to be reapplied because they had fallen off and 2 of them were consistently too high on her front nails and had to be removed.

Removing them was really tough. Mouse was already anxious over her experience having them put on, so she really didn't want me rolling them off. To make things more challenging she has longer fur around her toes, not moppy or fringy, but long enough that I had to be very careful during placement and removal not to pull her fur or get it caught. I'm sure I was not 100% successful.

So at this point I had seen the incredible benefit from the grips but also the difficulties were such that it was doubtful she would tolerate me adjusting them all the time for her. I went back to the drawing board and seriously evaluated all the areas where I needed to fix an issue. Here'e what I realized...

1. As Mouse had gotten older her activity level had changed and even though we did regular nail trimming her whole life slowly we had gotten used to nails that were slightly longer than they used to be. Nothing too bad, but the cuticle had gotten used to a nail that was 10-15% longer than in her youth. So over the course of 10 days I trimmed her nails twice and got them back to the length of the dog model on your package.

2. Before attempting to reapply the grips my husband distracted her with a massage session while I trimmed the long hairs that grew to cover her nails. I only trimmed enough so the grips would slide on and off without catching and pulling any hair.

3. I cleaned the grips really good using alcohol like you advise, but when I put them on the second time I lightly dabbed the end in the lubricant instead. They went on much easier and stayed on just fine.

What a difference! They fit great now, and after 3 days no sliding or falling off. She LOVES them and is back to being happy and confident in her daily routines. She doesn't think twice about trotting across the tile floor or taking the steps at a casual pace. No more hesitancy and worry for either of us.

So the issues we had were completely fixable, and indicated an issue on our end, not an issue with the grips. I know most of what I've shared is scattered about your site, but just in case you have a tough client with multiple sizes, hairy feet, and a tough application, let them know it can all be worked through with a little patience. And the patience is WORTH IT! :)

Thanks again for your individual attention and advice. I have quite a few senior dog-lover friends who will be amazed by this product. We will be back for more, and I'll spread the word to get more orders coming your way.

Fondly, Kris

"...the slipping and sliding has stopped."

To Whom It May Concern: Truffles (my 14 year, 3 month old) black labrador has had a significant number of joint, hip, and spine issues for a good number of years. She has suffered from "floor phobia" for just as many years, meaning that she is unable to walk normally on most hard surfaces, without slipping, skidding, or just a plain freezing in place. About 8 months ago, we noticed that she started intermittently "shuffling" he rear legs when she walked, as if she was too lazy to completely lift them up off the floor. She also continued to slip and skid. Two months ago she suffered from a neurovestibular disorder. During her recovery, I was very afraid that any further slippage could cause her significant physical harm. Sure enough, once she started walking, the slipping and skidding intensified. I purchased some disposable rubber booties to mitigate the problem. Interestingly, they did not provide as much benefit as I thought they would. Furthermore, Truffles could not stand wearing them, as she always hated wearing any manner of footwear. It was a that point that my veterinarian told me about toe grips, stating that it was a relatively new product that I may want to try. Truffles was fitted for her toe grips yesterday, and to my amazement, her walking immediately improved. I cannot get over how she completely picks her rear feet up when she walks. No more "shuffling". In addition, the slipping and sliding has stopped. I only wish that Truffles was able to benefit from this product many years ago when she was younger. Her "floor phobia" would have disappeared. At least she is able to effectively walk now, and I do not have to force her into any booties, which she positively dreads. Anyhow, this is a wonderful product and long overdue. Wish I had thought of it.

Sincerely, Anna Maria

Maverick is slipping less!

I received the ToeGrips I ordered today for Maverick, my 12 year old Corgi. He's slipping less on the slick tile floors and even ventured out to our sun porch tonight - something he has not done in 4 months. I'm so excited about them!

—Megan Austin

"I put them on Button and could practically hear him saying 'Wow! Traction!!'”

Button was born with a zest for life and a will to live. He was also born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. As a puppy, Button would leap into the air for sheer joy, only to fall to the ground. Then he would placidly take some time out and chew a blade of grass before getting up again. Fortunately Button had other shelties to play with and he gleefully chased them around the yard. Playing with his pack mates made him stronger.

By the time Button was a year and half old, he was able to go on mile long walks. In the house, he was a mini-dynamo - eager to experience everything and a nut about playing tug. He didn't realize he was handicapped, instead he enjoyed life to the maximum.

Just a couple of months after he turned two years old, Button developed GME (Granulomatous Mengo-Encephalitis), with a sudden onset of epilepsy. The next 3 years were a spiral downhill. He became allergic to just about every food you can think of, he appeared to have a resistance to AED's. Pheno Barbitol greatly increased his innate ataxia and gradually became less effective, Gabapentin was only effective for a short period of time.

Trying to find a reasonable balance between increased ataxia (quality of life) and frequency of seizures, we started reducing Button's Pheno Barbitol but it was 1 step forward, 2 steps back. With the help of noted nutritionist, we found a food Button could tolerate - home cooked rabbit and tapioca cooked in water. We were carrying him from room to room. He no longer could stand to eat his meals, instead I sat on the floor - hand feeding him from his bowl. He was having seizures every 4 to 5 days. By June 2012, his once bright eyes were sad, looking at me for help that I didn't know how to provide. Not quite ready to accept it was time to let Button go, my vet and I decided to try a 'last ditch' effort. We had nothing at all to lose.

Button was completely weaned off Pheno Barbitol and Gabapentin and moved to Zonisimide. We gradually dropped the Azathioprine prescribed for the GME. We started treatment of his brain with a Class IV K laser three times a week. We started him on Soloxine, as his thyroid levels were low for a Sheltie. Button amazingly improved. Time between seizures lengthened to 12 to 14 days. At last, he was able to tolerate a small amount of the supplements he needed for a balanced diet. With very little help from his special harness, Button once again was eagerly going for walks, not a mile but a block or two. Still, he wasn't quite able to handle tile floors, moving gingerly from throw rug to throw rug.

That's when I saw a recommendation for ToeGrips. I contacted Dr Julie Buzby who said she did have dogs with neurological deficits using her product. I put them on Button and could practically hear him saying "Wow! Traction!!". Button has an unusually long, narrow body and had been hunching his spine trying to keep his back legs underneath him. He now is eating, standing up, with a straight back. Button had developed a stance where he propped one front leg way back when defecating, a bit like a 3 legged stool, he now has a more normal stance. The way he walks shows more confidence in his mobility and this shows up even in the backyard where I recently saw him chasing another sheltie in play. This is Button's second month using ToeGrips and I am expecting to see further improvements as his muscle strengthen with use."

—Samantha DiMaio-Leach, Jacksonville FL Sheltie Rescue

ToeGrips provide stability and control

Just applied these over the weekend, definitely improvement in his stability and control on our hardwood floors!

—Kris Elkins

"They work GREAT!"

So I have a 12yr old mixed breed & have Toe Grips for her. They work GREAT! The only issue is that when left alone she chews off the Toe Grips. Any suggestions on how to prevent this from happening? I'm unable to find any Toe Grips so I'm assuming she's swallowing them or destroying them to get them off. She is also a VERY smart girl and a great "problem" solver. She is a chewer and has always chewed her nails on one foot when nervous... She also had separation anxiety as a younger dog, but it has resolved as she has aged and has very little issue with it anymore

—Melissa Behring

Dr. Buzby's Reply:

Hi Melissa, Thanks for your comments and question. I'm glad that ToeGrips work great for your dog when she leaves them alone, but I'm sad to say that chewing at the grips is the one thing I feel is dog dependent and there is not a lot we can do to change. Luckily, it occurs in a small percentage of the dogs, but from what I've seen it is always dogs of a certain "personality." Most have a history of being "nail biters" and often separation anxiety is a part of the history, too. They are non-toxic and theoretically should pass through with no problem, but if she is repeatedly ingesting them, you need to strongly consider whether the benefits of wearing ToeGrips outweigh the risks, or vice versa. The only thing I might suggest is some behavioral therapy. Maybe spraying bitter apple spray (a vet product to discourage licking) on her paws? Positive conditioning when leaving them alone after a correction? I'd really appreciate your feedback on this--if you find something that works, or not, so I can put it in my FAQs for others. Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks! Dr. Julie

"Disability doesn't impede a fashion-forward Weimaraner."

Here Grace models toe-grips. We love them! She was attacked by another dog almost 18 months ago and still falls and slips a lot due to nerve damage. The toe grips have been a critical aide in raising her sense of propriaception, resulting in more "four on the floor" time and fewer repetitive stress injuries from losing her balance. They help provide some of the stability she needs while healing from reconstructive surgeries and chiropractic adjustments.They provide some traction this atheletic beauty has needed during a lengthy and complicated rehab.

—Caroline McEver

"I am smiling!"

It is difficult to see the green grips on Cassie, but I am so happy for her! We rescued her a year ago and she haas been slipping and falling on our wood floors ever since. After an easy application, she is walking around like a champ. I am smiling! Thanks.

—Michelle DuPuis

ToeGrips provide stability on hard floors

Hi Dr Buzby MAC has trialled your ToeGrips for the last few days. They have dramatically improved his stability on our timber floors. No more slipping or sliding. The slipping caused back pain which required anti-inflamatories. Hopefully, with ToeGrips the anti-inflamatories will no longer be required. Will keep you posted. Thanks MAC PS: ToeGrips were really easy to fit given your excellent video and instructions.

—Mac McAuliffe

"ToeGrips are the best!"

Dee has been wearing them since last Oct. and she is doing so well with them. At the National Specialty she ventured out to play with a 9 month old stud and never fell over once! She is almost 15 yr. The other day, she bumped into the dishwasher while I was loading it and lost her balance. You could see her thinking about her feet and how to get them in place for the toe grips to work. Amazing! Before toe grips she would have been on the floor.

—Terri Gedek

"Huge, huge thanks for the awesome customer service!!!"

I ordered Barley's first pair Saturday morning (over the holiday) and they arrived Monday. Although he was a pill letting me put them on, they really seem to be helping him on our wood floors. At 9 y/o and 132 pounds, he needed the extra stability. Thank you!!!

—Eric Davis

"Just wanted to tell you how much we love the toe grips."

I have a 17 year old border collie named Sue. She is a retired sheep dog and agility dog and due to her age she is quite frail. Her mind is still fine and she has lots of things she wants to do. Now thanks to the toe grips she is now secure enough in her footing to happily and comfortably negotiate my hardwood and linoleum floors. Her quality of life is so much better! Thank you!

—Meagan Skelton

"My therapy dog was able to return to school for Halloween because of ToeGrips."

He started not wanting to walk on the school floors as of last June and I thought his career was done at 10. With ToeGrips he marched in the 4K parade through every classroom in the elementary that I teach at. This was so much fun. Thank you for extending his career.

—Patricia Ottaway

"They are truly amazing."

We had the honor of Dr.Buzby making a housecall to measure our ten year old Golden's toe nails and to personally attach the remarkable ToeGrips.. Our Isabelle no longer does "The Watusi" when trying to get up from the hard wood floors. They are truly amazing.

Thanks Dr.Buzby for your dedication to making life easier for our senior pets.

—Lynne Droze Betty

"She went from lethargic to zippy in a nanosecond!"

My sister-in-law works for the state’s largest veterinary hospital. I laughed when she brought your ToeGrips to our home. As a man, this is difficult to say, but after we put the ToeGrips on our 14 year old Schnauzer, Heidi…. I cried. She went from lethargic to zippy in a nanosecond! She dances and prances like the days of old! I know for a fact that the ToeGrips will give her a better quality of life and in turn it allows me to enjoy my best friend and seeing her happy.

Warmest regards, Deron Goolsby

ToeGrips on snow!

I am very happy to report that your ingenious invention is working wonders for Pepper, our cancer survivor. I’m attaching photos, but I’m not a great photographer (point and shoot) so I’ll continue to shoot more to better capture the great performance of Toe Grips.

The indoors photo shows him in the kitchen, along with his brother T-Bone, waiting for the carrots they’re about to receive. He’s a cautious walker on the hard floor, but I think he’s showing more confidence now. As you can see, we placed the toe grips only on his hind leg, but since he’s about to turn 10 years old, his aging bones will make hopping on three legs more difficult, and we’ll be using toe grips on all three legs in the not-too-distant future.

In the photo of the dogs running, you can see that Pepper is having a great time. I watched him carefully this morning for the full 80-minute walk, and was amazed at his ability to stay upright...he never fell once!! I knew all the slick spots and watched him yesterday (without the toe grips) and his poor hip bones went crashing to the ground every time that hind leg slipped. Today, with the toe grips, he rarely slid, and never fell. When he walked over pure ice, his foot would begin to slide, then the grips “gripped” and kept him upright!

I should clarify my use of the terms “ice” and “icy”. The best analogy is to compare it to skiing. If you ask an advanced skier about snow conditions, they might refer to “hard-packed snow” as icy, but of course, it isn’t ice, it’s snow that is slick enough that carving a turn is challenging. An experienced skier might suddenly encounter a spot of real ice—frozen water—and be skilled enough to “float” over it in order to stay upright; a less skilled skier will encounter real ice and simply crash and burn, because you can’t ski ice. So when I use the term “icy” it means hard-packed snow, and “ice” means water that froze overnight. Today, I saw a patch of ice and walked around it; Pepper walked right over it, started to slide, then got a grip...that is amazing.

Pepper has been falling on the icy hard-packed snow, and now he is not! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am so grateful for your willingness to send the grips to me free of charge, but obviously, I’ll now be a regular paying customer. Please let me know of anything you’d like me to do; I’ll continue to shoot more pictures, because these are not the best. In the meantime, THANK YOU!!


Hi! I received Brady's toe grips in the mail today and have already put a few on him. Brady is an almost 13 yr old yellow lab, and a retired Leader Dog for the Blind. I was his puppy raiser and when his partner passed away, he retired to my home in IL. Brady has had rear-end weakness for a couple of years now...on medication as well as monthly laser treatments. The laser treatments have literally saved his life and given us an additional 8 months together as I was ready to say good bye to him. But, I continue to see his slowly declining and having more trouble walking on my laminate flooring. I was so anxious to try the toe grips. Unfortunately, I was able to get only 2 grips on each foot. He's been dragging his feet on the ground and you can easily hear it....so the 2 middle nails on each foot are too short for any grip at all. Is there anything I can do to protect those 2 inner nails for them to grow longer and to attach a grip? With just the two on each foot, it's already made a difference!! Can't imagine how good he'd be with all 20 on!! Thanks SO much...hoping this gives us even more time together."

-Janice and Brady

"...she started running around the house and cornering around furniture on the hardwood floors."

My pitbull mix recently had her front limb amputated due to osteosarcoma and was doing well but balked at going up and down my hardwood stairs at home. I had been using the balloon booties which were pretty labor intensive as they would constantly rip and she wasn’t thrilled about me putting them on her. Quite honestly no one really thought the toe grips would work because they didn’t make sense. But darned if she not only started going up and down the stairs w/o any assistance, she started running around the house and cornering around furniture on the hardwood floors. I now have to stop her from running too much to keep her from injury to her remaining front limb.

Thank you... Laurie

"...the results were immediate and profound!!!!"

Dear Dr. Buzby- Where do we begin?. Our 15 year old black Lab Guiness, was having all sorts of difficulty on our hardwood and tile. He actually pinched a nerve "swimming" to get up. He always finds the cool tile and hardwood more comfortable than the carpet runners we put out throughout the house for him. It's been a real frustration to say the least. We were given a sample of your Toe Grips at C.A.R.E. (Calif Animal Rehab) in Santa Monica. The world's best Vet, Dr. Heather Oxford, asked us to try them as they had just been sent to her as a trial sample. Well, the results were immediate and profound!!!! Though Guiness occasionally loses one, the Grips stay on great. He has virtually eliminated the "swimming" needed to gain traction on slippery surfaces.

We don't often take the time to endorse a product but we felt this product is different. We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Buzby's Toe Grips. Please have anyone contact us at the email above or phone number below if additional info/feed back is sought. Just when you think everything in the world has been invented, A life-saving, flash of brilliance occurs!!

Heartiest congrats and continued success, Erin and Brad Kaplan (and Guiness)

ToeGrips provide confidence to Benjamine following knee surgery!

Thank you Dr. Buzby for developing your toe grips products. Benjamine has had knee surgery and we have been quite concerned about his safety when walking on tile or wood floors since. I did not expect Benjamine to take to the toe grips so easily. Although he does not like his feet groomed, he did not resist your toe grips, or try to remove them. He loves them. We feel much more confident that he is safer for having them on.

-Dr. Gillen