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DVM Endorsements

"Look at her go with her toe grips on!"

Just placed Dr. Buzby's toe grips on my 16 year old girl today. She normally can barely walk on my bedroom floor without slipping. Look at her go with her toe grips on! Thank you!!!

I am a veterinarian and this is my first time using Toe grips. I will be recommending them to my clients without hesitation as I have seen such incredible, immediate results with my senior dog. I can't thank you enough.

—Jessica DeMarco, DVM

I love Toe Grips!!! They have helped so many of my acupuncture patients.

—Cynthia Benbow, D.V.M.

I have recommended your ToeGrips to many of my clients.

Most are so grateful to know that their dog may be able to walk more easily on slippery floors. One couple came in today with tears in their eyes, thinking that they had to euthanize their Lab because she couldn't get her back half up when on slick floors and she wouldn't go outside to relieve herself because she had to traverse the slippery kitchen floor to get to the door. They left with smiles on their faces after I gave them information about your Toe Grips (and some anti-inflammatory medication). Kudos to you for giving hope to loving pet owners.

—Sue Collier, DVM

I love your product - have seen it make a huge difference in many dogs with lameness issues, wobblers, IVDD, dysplasia, and so on. There is increased confidence in ability to walk, and this results in increased walks and general quality of life improvement.

-Mike McGuill

I want to thank you for your fabulous product, I already have some patients on it and it works great, I attached a photo.

—MVZ Adriana Islas, terapista certificado en Rehabilitación Canina por the Canine Rehabilitation Institute

"We have hard wood floors and when he has the ToeGrips on he has traction and does not slip!"

I was warned that the ToeGrips might not work on my 5 year old Australian Shepherd Scout because he is not a senior dog yet. He is however; epileptic and on medication that can sometimes make him very unstable especially after a seizure. It was very hard to go through the seizure with him and then really have him struggle with the slick floors. We have hard wood floors and when he has the ToeGrips on he has traction and does not slip! Being he is still pretty active I take them off if he is up for some good exercise outside. He is very good about having them put on especially after a seizure. I feel he knows they help and he doesn’t even seem to notice them at all once they are on. Great product, easy to use and great to not have to watch my dog struggle!

Deborah L. Prevratil Executive Director International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

"He is so much more confident, standing taller and getting around so much better."

...I had an 18 yr old Jack Russell Terrier named Harley who came in yesterday sporting ToeGrips that his family vet put on him. I have been treating him with acupuncture. He is really weak in his rear limbs and boy what a difference the ToeGrips have made!! He is so much more confident, standing taller and getting around so much better. I'm so glad that you have this product to offer us!

-Mandy DuBose Acupet Wellness Aiken, SC

"I could see putting them on most of my post-op knee dogs to prevent them from slipping after surgery."

The ToeGrips are a success. I have one client that has an Australian Shepherd that really slides around on their wood floors, but with the ToeGrips, no more sliding. She has 2 bad knees, so this really helps. This is one of the nicest solutions that I have found to the slipping on tile and wood floors. I could see putting them on most of my post-op knee dogs to prevent them from slipping after surgery. Great idea!!

—Kathy Wander, DVM, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Help for dogs struggling to rise!

Put on my first pair of ToeGrips today on elderly husky with mobility problems. He was able to move around the slippery floor and rise from laying MUCH easier. We'll see what his mom says about them about home but I am very happy! :)

—Lauren Ashley Whitley, DVM

"If you're skeptical—don't be!"

We applied our first set of ToeGrips to a senior bearded collie yesterday. She immediately was up and walking better. The owner was ecstatic.

-Kathy Duford, DVM Waterway Animal Hospital Little River, SC

ToeGrips provide traction and confidence on well-worn flagstone floors!

I just wanted to tell you that I had my first customer ring me today absolutely delighted with the ToeGrips for their elderly Labrador. They only received them yesterday, fitted them without any problems, and watched in amazement as their old girl confidently negotiated the flagstone floors in their very old house. Apparently they had only recently moved there, and were desperate to find something to help her—their flag stones have been well polished over the centuries and she was slipping and sliding all over the place. So with all the different feet that have traversed across those stones in the last couple of hundred years, there is now one very happy, STABLE, little Labrador living there!

—Alison, OrthoPets Europe

"I have seen no other product (booties, etc.) that have helped my previous personal dog or my patients."

I greatly appreciate your prompt phone call and email regarding my request to order ToeGrips. I heard about your product from a client who saw an advertisement or story on TV. I currently have four large dog acupuncture patients wearing ToeGrips. Positive feed back from their owners and I see them helping the dogs. I practice in NC and most people have wood floors throughout all or most of their homes. As soon as I get my supply I will be donating a package to a Doberman I volunteer my time to treat at the local Humane Society who has Wobbler's syndrome. I have seen no other product (booties, etc.) that have helped my previous personal dog or my patients. I am excited about this product!

—Morgan Dixon, DVM, CVA

I'm totally in love with Dr.Julie Buzby's ToeGrips for dogs...!!!!! Simple to apply and now my dog can walk through the kitchen completely normally, without slipping or falling!!!

—Dr. Rebecca L. G. Verna, MS, DVM, CAC, CVA, CVCH, CCRP, CVFT

ToeGrips have been a great addition to our practice. I find them especially helpful for older arthritic dogs that are weak in their hind limbs. They've been great for my own geriatric dog!

—Leilani Alvarez, DVM, CVA, CCRT

These work VERY well, I bought some at the conference and two of my rehab patients have done great with them. Easy to use, and no glue. =)

—Lori Johnson

"After applying her first set of ToeGrips she showed immediate improvement."

Dr. Buzby has heard this but for everyone else I want to tell you a story. I am a vet. During my senior year of vet school, I brought home a dog. Not just any dog. Her name is Cricket, a lab/shepherd mix, and I am certain she is the best dog I'll ever have. She came into my life after being surrendered to my custody as a senior student at my request because her owner had dumped her at the teaching hospital after having tried to slit her throat 3 times. Luckily, he didn't do a very good job and she just needed a bazillion stitches and a new home. When she woke up from her neck surgery, it became apparent she had a limp we had not yet detected. Radiographs revealed her right hip had been broken, months ago, and healed improperly and painfully. At only 11 months old, she had been through enough that I certainly didn't want her to be painful her whole life so she underwent another surgery called a femoral head ostectomy in which the ball of the hip joint was removed from the socket of her right hip to alleviate the otherwise lifelong pain. We knew she would eventually develop arthritis in her remaining left hip due to some mild hip dysplasia she also had. I had intentions of finding her a home with someone else but through her recovery period she worked her charm and magic and sure enough, she found a home....with me.

So...at 15 years old now, she is trucking right along but I was starting to see her decline in ways I was not willing to accept. An old roommate of mine told me of Dr. Buzby's new product and I knew I had to check into this. Cricket was just beginning to have trouble with slick surfaces but I knew this would lead to more weakness if I didn't intervene. After applying her first set of ToeGrips she showed immediate improvement. Anyone that knows me and knows Cricket knows I'm not giving up on her anytime soon. I am happy to have Toe Grips in the arsenal to fight off weakness and frustration for the best dog I'll ever have. I plan to carry this product for my aging patients asap!

Thank you Dr. Buzby! This product is my new favorite thing. So simple and so effective. Perfect. :)

—Kate Spiller Nielsen

I said to a client today..."How do you know when your dog needs ToeGrips? When you consider buying industrial-ugly rugs, that don't at all match your decor, so your dog can walk around your house."!

—Shannon Bass, DVM, CVA

"WITH Toegrips he is more confident on the laminate wood and tile floors."

You thoughtfully sent me a 'beta version' of Toegrips' smallest size. These were for my papillon...They definitely help! My 'dog room' has laminate wood floors, and in the mornings when all 5 dogs are waiting for dinner, Dollar (the pap) twirls around off the small rug I have in there. Without Toegrips he slips and his rear end falls either to one side or does a straddle split. WITH Toegrips he is more confident on the laminate wood and tile floors. He doesn't fall at all, and he can stand in one place without his feet sliding out from under him…

Thank you so much for allowing me to trial these on Dollar. He'll be 15 in March, and I do believe Toegrips have improved his quality of life."

—Pam Fandrich, DVM, CVA

"ToeGrips are truly a breakthrough for canine geriatric medicine."

Winnie is a 13+ yo (we think- she was a stray) SF shar-pei mix who has had 2 vestibular episodes in the past year that have left her with balance deficits. In addition, Winnie is losing her vision. The lack of balance and the loss of vision have caused Winnie to become quite fearful. This fear not only affects her mobility, but translates to every part of her life, including how she relates to people ( timid), how she relates to other dogs ( aggressive), and how she relates to food (panicky). So, in addition to the balance issues seen in Winnie's BEFORE video (you can clearly appreciate the head tilt and the wide based stance), notice her entire expression is one of submission and fear. Her ears are down, her head is down, and I have to pull her on the leash to approach the people behind the camera. Just before the video ends, she is literally shaking with fear.

Winnie's AFTER video shows a confident dog with head up, ears perked forward as she saunters right past the person with the camera. She is clearly moving better, but that enhanced mobility has made her emotional state better too! And this newly gained confidence from ToeGrips has also, without a doubt, improved the other parts of her life affected by fear. She is still affected by her loss of vision, but for sure I can say that she is a "better" dog with her restored balance.

As veterinary professionals and dog lovers, we have all come to recognize how fear can literally ruin a dog's life. In young dogs, we have the ability to modify or modulate behavior through training or environment, or sometimes through medications. But what about our older dogs? What about our dogs that are limited by physical disabilities or cognitive issues or sensory deficits? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

People who train horses always say the same thing- horses think on their feet. This means that if you want to train a horse, do so while it is engaged in movement. I would say that if you want to teach an old dog new tricks, help it to engage in movement.

ToeGrips do this. ToeGrips are truly a breakthrough for canine geriatric medicine.

—Lee Gregory, DVM, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist

"...we put the ToeGrips on him and he stood up right."

Scrappy is a 10 year old Great Dane that was rescued from a crate when he was 1 ½ years old. Dr. Shanie Cahill had been adjusting Scrappy since 07-08-2011 because he wasn’t able to stand upright on hard surfaces. On 12-02-12 we put the ToeGrips on him and he stood up right. He had been coming to the chiropractor every other week, now he only has to come about every 4 weeks. The ToeGrips have helped him hold his adjustment better, move better around the house and when he comes to the office for an adjustment.

—Christine Doubet

Becky Hebert, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

Read her full review of Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips: http://muttnut.blogspot.com/2012/10/review-of-dr-buzbys-toe-grips-for-dogs.html