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Here’s a checklist to consider for a dog that tends to lose ToeGrips prematurely:

Is the dog too active to keep ToeGrips on?

ToeGrips were designed for slipping senior, rehabilitating, and special needs dogs. They are not intended for healthy, active dogs.

Does the dog have proprioceptive deficits?

Dogs who drag the paws will pull the ToeGrips off. ToeGrips can be affixed on the nails with super glue. Without glue, ToeGrips are quickly popped off by the dragging motion.

Did you measure the dog’s nails to ensure correct sizing?

Measuring is critical for success. Sized incorrectly—either too big or too small—ToeGrips will not stay on well. If a dog is borderline, typically the smaller size will stay on better.

Is the dog a tripawd?

As they compensate in posture and gait, three-legged dogs exert abnormal forces on their legs and paws. As a general rule, ToeGrips don’t stay on as well for tripawds, but super glue is the simple solution.

Does the dog have the correct size ToeGrips?

Measuring is critical to success, and explained HERE.

Sized incorrectly—either too big or too small—ToeGrips won’t stay on.

Have you applied ToeGrips correctly?

The tip of the toenail must protrude through the grip, consistent with this GripZone diagram:

ToeGrips Diagram

What lube did you use in application?

We recommend using isopropyl/rubbing alcohol as a lubricant for application. The alcohol quickly evaporates, leaving no residue.

Is the dog losing ToeGrips on rugs/carpet or in the backyard?

ToeGrips can be yanked off by rough-textured surfaces, such as sisal rugs, plush carpeting, or turf.

How To Glue ToeGrips

Should you have any questions or comments, I am always available for product support at wholesale@toegrips.com.