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Measuring the nails is an essential, one-time process for each patient. Improperly sized, ToeGrips may quickly fall off or migrate into the nail bed. For best results, nails should be appropriately trimmed before sizing and applying ToeGrips.

Step 1: Wrap a piece of dental floss around the midshaft of the toenail.

Step 2: Hold the floss, wrapped around the nail circumference, with one hand.

Step 3: Use a Sharpie® to mark across both pieces of floss. This will generate two points.

Step 4: Stretch the floss and measure the distance between the two points in millimeters.

 Step 5: Repeat for all weight-bearing nails on one front and one back paw.

 Step 6: Based on the range of measurements obtained (not the average), use the chart to select the proper size.

Occasionally, a dog may require a combination of two sizes.

Illustrated instructions are located inside each package.
*A millimeter ruler and size chart are on the back of each package.


How to Measure ToeGrips


This chart is supplied as a GENERAL GUIDELINE, not an accurate sizing system for every dog. Often sizes vary within the same breed.

Breed (A—K) Suggested Size Breed (J—Z) Suggested Size
*This breed typically wears one of these sizes, or sometimes a combination of two sizes. Please measure your patient forthe most accurate fit.
Affenpinscher S Jindo L
Afghan Hound L - XL* Kelpie M
Airedale Terrier L Kerry Blue Terrier M - L*
Akita L - XL* Komondor XL - XXL*
Alaskan Klee Kai M Kuvasz XL - XXL*
Alaskan Malamute L - XL* Labradoodle M - XL*
American English Coonhound XL Labrador Retriever L - XL*
American Eskimo S - XL* Lakeland Terrier S - M*
American Foxhound L Keeshond M - L*
American Staffordshire Terrier M - XL* Leonberger XL - XXXL*
Anatolian Shepherd Dog L - XXL* Llewellyn Setter L - XL*
Australian Cattle Dog (Queensland Heeler) M - L* Lhasa Apso S
Australian Kelpie M Lowchen S
Australian Shepherd M - L* Malamute L - XL*
Australian Terrier S Malinois L - XL*
Basenji S - M* Maltese XS - S*
Basset Hound L - XL* Maltipoo XS - S*
Maltipoo L Mastiff XXL - XXXL*
Beauceron L - XL* Maremma Sheepdog L
Bedlington Terrier S - M* McNab Dog M - L*
Belgian Malinois L - XL* Miniature American Shepherd S - L*
Belgian Sheepdog L Miniature Bull Terrier M - L*
Belgian Shepherd L - XL* Miniature Pinscher S - M*
Belgian Tervuren L - XL* Miniature Poodle S
Berger Picard L - XXL* Miniature Schnauzer S - M*
Bernese Mountain Dog L - XXL* Munsterlander L
Bichon Frise S - M* Neapolitan Mastiff XXL
Black and Tan Coonhound XL - XXXL* Newfoundland XL - XXXL
Black Russian Terrier XL - XXL* Nordic Spitz S
Bloodhound XL -XXL* Norfolk Terrier S
Blue Heeler M - L* Norwegian Buhund M - L
Boerboel XL - XXXL* Norwegian Elkhound M - L*
Border Collie M - L* Border Collie S - M*
Border Terrier S - M* Norwich Terrier S
Borzoi L - XL* Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever M - L*
Boston Terrier S - M* Old English Sheepdog L - XXL*
Bouvier des Flandres L - XXXL* Oorang Airedale XL -XXL
Boxer M - XL* Otterhound L - XXL*
Boykin Spaniel M - L* Patterdale Terrier S - M*
Briard L - XXL* Papillon XS
Brittany Spaniel M - L* Parson Russell Terrier S - M*
Brussels Griffon S Pekingese S
Bulldog L - XL* Pembroke Welsh Corgi S - L*
Bullmastiff XXL - XXXL* Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen M
Bull Terrier M - XL* Pharaoh Hound L
Cairn Terrier S - M* Pinching XS
Canaan Dog M - L* Pit Bull M - XL*
Cane Corso XL - XXXL* Plott L - XL*
Cardigan Welsh Corgi M - L* Pointer L - XL*
Catahoula L - XL* Polish Lowland Sheepdog M - L*
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel S - M* Pomeranian XS - S*
Cesky Terrier S - M* Poodle (Miniature) S
Chesapeake Bay Retriever L - XL* Poodle (Standard) M - XL*
Chihuahua XS - S* Poodle (Toy) XS
Chinese Crested S Portuguese Water Dog M - L*
Chinese Shar-Pei L Puldepointer M - L*
Chinook L - XL* Pug S - M*
Chow Chow L - XL* Puli M
Clumber Spaniel L - XL* Pumi S - M*
Cockapoo S - M* Pyrenean Shepherd S - M
Cocker Spaniel M - L* Queensland Heeler M - L*
Collie M - L* Rat Terrier S
Corgi M - L* Redbone Coonhound L- XL*
Coton de Tulear S Rhodesian Ridgeback XL - XXXL*
Curly-Coated Retriever L - XL* Rottweiler XL - XXXL*
Dachshund (miniature) S - M* Russell Terrier S
Dachshund (standard) M Saint Bernard XL - XXL*
Dachshund (tweenie) M Saluki XL- XXL*
Dalmation M Samoyed L
Dandie Dinmont Terrier S - M* Schipperke S - M*
Doberman Pinscher XL - XXL* Schnauzer (giant) XL -XXL*
Dogue de Bordeaux XL - XXL* Schnauzer (miniature) S - M*
English Bulldog XL - XXL* Schnauzer (standard) S - M*
English Cocker Spaniel>/inline> M - L* Schnoodle S - M*
English Foxhound L Scottish Deerhound XL - XXL*
English Labrador L Scottish Terrier XL - XXL*
English Mastiff XXL - XXXL* Sealyham Terrier M
English Setter L - XL* Shar-Pei L
English Springer Spaniel L Sheltie S - M*
English Toy Spaniel SL* Shetland Sheepdog S - M*
Entlebucher Mountain Dog L Shiba Inu S - M*
Finnish Lapphund M - L* Shih Tzu S
Finnish Spitz S - M* Shorkie S
Flat-Coated Retriever L - XL* Siberian Husky L - XL*
Formosan Mountain Dog M - L* Silky Terrier S
Foxhound L Skye Terrier S
Fox Terrier S - M* Sloughi L
French Bulldog L Smooth Fox Terrier L
German Pinscher/inline> M - L* Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier M - L*
German Shepherd L - XXXL* Spanish Water Dog M - L*
German Shorthaired Pointer L - XL* Spinone Italiano XL - XXL*
German Wirehaired Pointer L - XL* Springer Spaniel L
Glen of Imaal Terrier M Staffordshire Bull Terrier/inline> M - XL*
Golden Retriever M - XL* Sussex Spaniel L
Goldendoodle M - XL* Swedish Vallhund S - M*
Gordon Setter L Swiss Shepherd XL
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen L Tibetan Mastiff L - XXL*
Great Dane XXL - XXXL* Tibetan Spaniel S
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog XL - XXL* Toy Fox Terrier S
Great Pyrenees XL - XXL* Treeing Walker Coonhound L - XXL*
Harrier L Weimaraner L - XL*
Havanese S Welsh Springer Spaniel L
Ibizan Hound L West Highland White Terrier S - M*
Icelandic Sheepdog M Wheaten Terrier M - L*
Irish Setter L Whippet S - M*
Irish Terrier L Wire Fox Terrier/inline> S - M*
Irish Wolfhound XXXL Wirehaired Pointing Griffon L
Italian Greyhound S Yorkshire Terrier XS